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We’re Making the Essential Seem Effortless

Every detail of our process is designed to deliver the components essential to your operations and remove stress from DSCSA compliance and other regulatory requirements.

We’ll Keep You Compliant

Never second-guess whether your industry requirements are being met. MedLit Solutions North Carolina is an ISO-9001 certified manufacturing and fulfillment space and an Idealliance G7 Master Qualified facility.

Why Choose MedLit Solutions?

Relentless Quality Control

We take all steps to eliminate any problems well before your product leaves our facility.

Our quality control measures include:

  • Automated barcode scanning to ensure DSCSA compliance
  • Standardized spot-glued RTA outserts for extensive patient information
  • Monitored batch-counting, shrink-wrapping, folding and insertions
  • Superior inventory selection of materials to reduce lead time

Download our whitepaper “Clear and Compliant: 7 Reasons to Use a Marketing Fulfillment Service.”

Invested in Sustainability

Last year, we saved 12,556 trees, 4,361,000 gallons of water and 24,625 pounds of VOC pollution.

We practice sustainability through:

  • Recycling thousands of tons of paper and materials at our plant
  • Preventing harmful chemicals from entering the water system via reclamation
  • Using environmentally low-impact chemicals and recycling printing blankets
  • Leaving it better for our children and theirs’

Responsive Partner

Got last-minute changes? We’ll get your product out the door —
on time, every time.

We speed up time to market with:

  • Time-saving packaging and carton-folding prototypes
  • Turnkey pharmagraphics, prints, folds and inserts/outserts
  • Quick-turn marketing kits (customer care, literature and more)
  • Last-minute repackaging update services (new sleeves, resorting, etc.)

Superior Precision

Our uncompromising attention to detail ensures we address your unique challenges while achieving the highest quality and consistency.

We deliver precision via:

  • Consistently-positioned carton folds, RTAs, labels and inserts/outserts
  • Electronically-vision inspected labels to detect any color/shade variations
  • Automated and QC-controlled sheet feeding, padding and batch counting
  • Optical character recognition system (OCRS) for detecting errors

Reduced Cost of Ownership

With MedLit Solutions, you can have your cake and eat it too when it comes to quality and cost.

Our cost-efficiency measures include:

  • Lean manufacturing leads to cost savings that we gladly pass on to you
  • Redundant QC inspections to eliminate delays and reduce downtime
  • Turnkey packaging and printing to increase production capacity
  • Time-saving packaging, printing and marketing prototypes

Consult With Us

We can help you get your industry-compliant product out the door — on spec, budget, and time.